NE01A External Signage - Correx or Dibond

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The NE01A Hygiene poster.  No entry sign for use while deep cleaning is being in operation in your office, rest rooms or workplace. This provides advice in helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus available as Correx or Dibond and in a range of sizes from 8ft x 4ft, A0, A1, A2, A3 & A4.

Correx can withstand bricks, mortar, dropped tools and much more. 

It is completely water proof AND chemical resistant. Paint spils, drinks, glue and chemicals are no problem. It is light weight, but incredibly strong and easy to install !

Dibond is mainly used for making advertising signs and displays and weathers extremely well, with high UV resistance and excellent stability within a range of temperatures. The perfect metal replacement, Dibond offers the same metallic finish without the weight or the risk of rusting from some metals.

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