TS01 - Sneeze Screens Free standing or Clamped

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Freestanding  or Clamped Till Screen

KNP Hygiene Guards are designed to protect front-line key workers from Covid-19 and other hazards.

As an airborne virus, Covid-19 can easily spread by infected droplets in sneezes, coughs or breath entering the eyes, nose or mouth. A partition between you (or your team) and an infected person reduces the chance of catching the disease.

Our hygiene guards are hard coated as standard with a clear coating that provides excellent protection against abrasion and chemicals allowing for easy cleaning and longevity.

All of our screens are also have an Anti-Microbial coating which incorporates the unique MicroGuard™ hard coating to add extra protection against infection.

Available as a standard free standing design or an easy assembly clamp option to secure your screen, in various sizes. Together with fully bespoke solutions to meet the needs of any application including healthcare, retail and industries. Common uses for our screens are reception, payment tills and desk partitions.

Each screen comes with a FREE face visor.